The best thing about Happy Hippo is that their quality is head and shoulders above 99% of other vendors, so I dont need as many grams to achieve the desired effects. I'm guessing it's South African but Derek doesn't strike me as having family from there. It is rare that a fitness influencer really looks outside of the scope of the fitness industry for content ideas, but that is where I would go first to look for unique ideas and inspiration and try and figure out how to tie it back into my niche. Not into reading or watching videos? Copyright 2022 More Plates More Dates All Rights Reserved. I love writing the inspiring success stories of people so as to inspire you and help you become successful in life. Strains arent labeled by their speed though, so it is up to you to figure out which strains are fast, moderate, and slow. More Plates More Dates - Your One Stop Shop For All Things Self-Improvement Related More Plates, More Dates The YouTube Channel Subscribe here for all our videos Subscribe Now Free Ebook 20 hardcore underground bodybuilding secrets you won't find on Google Free Ebook More Plates More Dates: The Podcast Not into reading or watching videos? If you dont have an extraordinary personality or physique, the likelihood of getting traction doing those videos is low. All the other stuff like milk thistle, Liv.52, etc. He even has a Reddit group with nearly 50,000 members. It's not a middle name, it just means 'from'. So, he too started his own blog by name, More Plates More Dates in 2016. You have entered an incorrect email address! 3 TapedAgonalBreathing 1 yr. ago Over the last two years the growth of his channel has skyrocketed. But you will find out more about that later in the article. Derek owns Gorilla Mind alongside business partners Mike Cernovich and Chris Deoudes. He has more than a million subscribers on his YouTube channel by name, More Plates More Dates. Hello Derek, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? I was a 138-pound rail at the time and definitely needed to add some size. My priority is business right now rather than developing my physique, so I do just enough to stay in shape and maintain what I have built up over the years. We've got the MPMD you need right here in audio format! By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. At the start of 2021, he had 300,000 subs and now has more than 1.7 million subscribers. Once you find a vendor that hits the nail on the head with their quality though, it is literally a night and day difference, and your world could very well start to change in a positive way very quickly and very profoundly. I advise thinking carefully about what it is that you are truly passionate about. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. You will be charged an extremely high premium fee to have it in caps, and you could easily just buy a bunch of empty caps yourself and cap them at home for a much lower price. I puked and couldnt keep anything down for the rest of the day. What's his last name? Every time I worked for someone else in an industry that I was passionate about, I felt like I was selling myself short. I had no idea what else I could do with my life, so I just tried to put myself in the best position possible academically. Sometimes, I also write the success stories of brands. I tried a mixed vitamin E supplement myself and can definitely confirm the increased libido, always for only the day I take it. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. The 29-year-old also owns a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinic called Marek Health. I use it for the health benefits mostly though. Although Derek doesnt talk about his relationship status, its believed the girl in the image below is his girlfriend. If you dont have an extraordinary personality or physique, the likelihood of getting traction doing those videos is low. Also, Krill Oil is commonly labeled as Krill Oil by companies to sell more of it, when in reality it barely contains any Krill Oil in the actual contents, and it is mostly just much cheaper fish oil. Derek is a young entrepreneur who has built a presence in the self-improvement and fitness niches via his blog and social media platforms (most notable being his YouTube channel). The clinic provides services to help with hair loss, erectile dysfunction, weight loss, thyroid function and more. On 16 October 2018, Derek started his second YouTube channel by name, MPMD Podcast Clips. Fortunately, within three months, he succeeded with his online businesses (blog and YouTube channel). Over the years, hes worked with famous actors, pro bodybuilders and elite athletes as his consultation services are in high demand! So, how are you inspired by the success story of Derek? In 2016, he started publishing self-improvement content on his blog. that everyone else is. It comes from the diced land of Trenbolonia. Apart from this, he also runs Marek Health, a telehealth platform and Intelligent Shop. If it is actually fitness and you arent just posting fitness videos because you think becoming a fitness influencer would be cool, then by all means start posting about it, but be unique. Proudly powered by WordPress Believe it or not, most Kratom vendors are very hit or miss, with most being an abysmal miss. And thus Derek Moreplatesmoredatesdotcom changed his name to Darth Vader and the vision of the dual Death Star came to be. More Plates More Dates Derek Health & Fitness 4.9 670 Ratings; Your One Stop Shop For All Things Self-Improvement Related . Marek Health is a telemedicine-based HRT clinic that I launched last year. Its honestly the only way I can totally get rid of the cravings sometimes. before I started writing. This stuff is a blessing for surviving cheat meals/days with your stomach in tact. Ultimately it will take some experimenting to find which strains on which side of the spectrum will be ideal for you individually in different scenarios. Derek Van Moreplatesmoredatesdotcom, they used to be a Royal people but despised for their delts. A high intake of fiber when combined with water also promotes satiety, helping you to feel fuller longer, which makes this stuff great for cutting down as well. Now Dr. Barrie Tan even conducted several cancer curing studies with vitamine E, but essentially it fights off free radicals, and appearently also on the scalp. Basically, I wouldve been in a far worse position health wise had I not taken these supplements in my honest opinion. Anyway each to their own, if you like him and trust him more than your doctor knock yourself out. Be advised that the above dosage chart is not applicable to extracts (which you shouldnt use anyways as they will skyrocket your tolerance). The thought of it didnt excite me at all, but I couldnt wrap my mind around entrepreneurship at the time, or how to even get started with it. You can adjust the dose depending on how much fibre you get through your diet. Hello folks, I'm Naveen Reddy. This plant is extremely unique in that it acts like a stimulant when taken in low doses, but it can also encourage deep relaxation when taken in higher doses. At the end of the day, the best advice I have is to go full board into whatever it is that youre truly passionate about. What did you learn from this mistake/failure? I've been wanting to know. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Obviously Im not saying get a Probiotic so you can binge eat on shitty food all day, rather, Im saying I suggest getting one as it will help regulate your gut health and promote proper digestion, which is very important on a day to day basis. Find out more and connect with Derek through various social media platforms using these links: WEBSITE: More posts you may like. At his peak Derek was 6 feet 1 inches tall and completely shredded at 220 pounds. For example, some of my friends actually prefer slow strains for going clubbing and partying even though it is completely contrary to what traditional recommendations would be for that scenario. But this is overall a good podcast and . His mindset changed when his mentor Good Looking Loser was running a successful online business. My mindset started to shift when I noticed that one of my mentors had developed a successful business via his presence online. He started JL Data Analysis after graduating from NUS in Intelligent Systems. I had no idea what else I could do with my life, so I just tried to put myself in the best position possible academically. - use subject to the practices disclosed in our privacy policy. I use Cree Nutritions Tumeric/Curcumin because it includes 95% Curcuminoids and BioPerine, a substance that can enhance the bioavailability of Curcumin by 2000%. It is BY FAR safer than traditional Opiates, and it has been used for years by the people of Southeast Asia as a herbal wonder drug to relieve many different ailments, as well as to provide a vast array of amazing benefits. Derek, also known by his YouTube channel name as More Plates More Dates, is an American YouTuber who is known for his videos and podcasts that are related to self-improvement. Derek is a young entrepreneur who has built a presence in the self-improvement and fitness niches via his blog and social media platforms (most notable being his YouTube channel). Anyways, Greens Freak is bar none the best tasting greens supplement Ive used, and it definitely has the best nutrient profile bar none. The same place as DoucetteDotComForCoaching and Cavalierathleanxdotcom. As the content of Good Looking Loser blog resonated with Derek, he became an avid reader of it and also started actively contributing to its forum and also started watching Chriss YouTube videos. It's the name of a small European village. I use Cree Nutritions Krill Oil because it contains 500mg Krill oil per soft gel, meaning I only have to take 2 per day (2 x 500mg = 1000mg/1gram) which is great because I already have to take a lot of pills from other health supplements so the less pills to take the better. This inspired me to start writing blog articles and recording videos shortly afterwards. It was almost like I knew deep down that I should do this myself, but I just didnt know where to start. 25% Off Mode & Nitric Lemon Lime + Krush Ends Tonight. Tap the link below to get yours! My favorite greens supplement is Greens Freak by Pharmafreak. One of my best friends dropped dead from an undiagnosed blood clot the size of a baseball travelling from his calf to his lungs causing a pulmonary embolism, and then traveling into his brain and killing him almost instantly.